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B-Size Red & Yukon Gold Potatoes

B-Size potatoes have a diameter range of 1.5" to 2.5" and are commonly called "New" Potatoes. Unlike some competitors, we use a lay-flat package which reduces the amount of poly used by over 40%. Packaging is essential to keeping potatoes fresh so what we've done is reduce the amount of poly to get a tighter, better looking lay-flat package. Our bag is also tamper-evident to ensure the products safety. 


Green-Free Technology

Slow Shrinkage. Grow Sales.

From ground to grocer, Agrow Fresh preserves the integrity of its produce with quality assurance and green-free methods at every stage to extend product freshness. 

Exposure to light causes potatoes to turn green and spoil. With Green-Free Technology we limit light exposure to help protect the product from harmful UV light which will extend the products freshness. 

Agrow Fresh also hand picks all product for better than US #1 standards. All product is temperature controlled from storage to transportation to ensure that you get the freshest potatoes possible. 

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