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About Us

In the world of fresh produce, marked by declining margins and shrinkage, Agrow Fresh Produce delivers solutions. Since 1991, the company has planted roots as a leading grower, packer and distributor of U.S. No. 1 Potatoes. Shipping to shelves in a single business day, Agrow Fresh is geared toward growing sales.

Our management team has over 150 years of experience in the produce industry and is proud to be a member of Red Book and Blue Book Rating Services and we are a strong supporter of America's Second Harvest.

The Four I's of Agrow Fresh


Agrow' decades of produce expertise supports wholesalers and grocery chains nationwide. a 100,000-square-foot facility moves goods efficiently within 12-24 hours, providing:

  • Grower network of 50+ farmers providing potato varieties year round

  • Direct-to-dock deliveries from 8 rail spots

  • Hand-inspection points for quality assurance

  • 40,000 square feet of refrigerated storage

  • Patented packaging methods and equipment

  • In-stock, pre-printed labels for speedy turnaround


Agrow's standards of quality and freshness drive its rank among produce leaders:

  • Petite Potatoes: In 1992, Agrow Fresh discovered and popularized the now "Designer" spuds. Today, Agrow Fresh sells more than 1.5 million packages of Petite Red and Yukon Gold Varieties.​

  • Private Label: ​Agrow Fresh is known for its versatility in supplying whatever customers want. From custom packing and labeling to new product and packaging development, Agrow Fresh works with you to build your brand.

  • Patented Packaging Machinery: Agrow Fresh's attention to customers' needs has spurred its team to fabricate equipment specifically geared to fast, efficient packaging and handling.

  • Green-Free Packaging:Agrow Fresh understands the potato's vulnerability to light, moisture and time-which has prompted the development of light-blocking packaging. Today, customers who employ this green-free method realize 7-8% reduced shrinkage, equating to as much as 17% cost savings.


Agrow Fresh's service extends beyond its facilities to a positive influence on grocery store shelves.​​

  • Mixed-Manifest Ordering: Order only the varieties and quantities you need to deliver the freshest produce to your customers. Agrow Fresh will help you fill a truck with your choice of 104 combinations of product-minimizing freight and warehousing costs-and ultimately, reducing shrinkage.

  • Lay-Flat Bags:​ Unlike other bulky packaging, Agrow Fresh's lay-flat bag enables retailers to stack multiple units and maximize sales per square foot on shelf space. Our 3 lb. lay-flat bag uses over 40% less poly than competitors and just over 25% less poly for our 5 lb. lay-flat bag.

  • Simply Season & Steam:​ Agrow Fresh's petite potato varieties include microwavable bags that appeal to both gourmet and convenience cooks. The bags provide the option to season and steam potatoes as desired adding to the product's value and appeal.


Agrow Fresh's legacy of quality and freshness is evident in its strictest food safety and health standards, providing affiliation with the following organizations:

  • Primus GFS audited, assuring compliance with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

  • Red Book 4 Star Rating and Business Character Award

  • Blue Book XXXX Rating and Trading Member

  • Fruits and Veggies Matters More Program, jointly sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and the Produce for Better Health Foundation

Agrow Fresh also practices social responsibility in its commitment to feeding under-served populations. Agrow Fresh is the nation's third largest distributor of donated potatoes, amounting to 4 million pounds per year, supporting the following organizations:​

  • Greater Chicago Food Depository

  • Feeding America

  • Local social service, religious, and other charitable causes


Potato Facts

Some interesting facts about potatoes include:

  • Potatoes contain more Vitamin C than an Orange

  • Potatoes contain more Potassium than a Banana

  • Potatoes contain more Fiber than an Apple

  • Potatoes are about 80% water

  • The iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc in potatoes all help the body to build and maintain bone structure and strength.

  • The potato’s fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6 content, coupled with its lack of cholesterol, all support heart health

  • Potatoes contain Folate. Folate plays a role in DNA synthesis and repair, and so it prevents many types of cancer cells from forming due to mutations in the DNA.

Green-Free Technology

Slow Shrinkage. Grow Sales.

From ground to grocer, Agrow Fresh preserves the integrity of its produce with quality assurance and green-free methods at every stage to extend product freshness. 

Exposure to light causes potatoes to turn green and spoil. With Green-Free Technology we limit light exposure to help protect the product from harmful UV light which will extend the products freshness. 

Agrow Fresh also hand picks all product for better than US #1 standards. All product is temperature controlled from storage to transportation to ensure that you get the freshest potatoes possible. 

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